This is an original watercolour  painting on thick 300gsm watercolour paper. It is A4 in size, 210 x 297mm.


I have so enjoyed painting this little series of Spring paintings. They started as sketches of flowers from my mum's garden and then evolved from there.


I had the pleasure of teaching a class of Year 2 children how to make observational drawings/paintings of daffodils. I asked them to look closely at the jars and bottles, that we had our daffodils in, and to paint the colours that they could see. The kids thought this was hilarious and responded with "but glass has no colour - it's clear!" So they were encouraged to look a bit closer and observe not only the reflective colours of the flowers/foliage, but also how the bottles picked up the other colours in the room, or colours from items placed behind them.


In the end we had as much fun painting the vases as we did the flowers and that is exactly the way I felt when painting my own. The little pickle, jam and preserving jars are as much a focal point as the spring flowers!


Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look. 


Happy Spring!


X Lib

Mini Daffs in an Agee jar #1 Original Painting